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In New York They…

In we go to our magic time machine…
About a year+ ago Yorgo started going on about “In New York they…

…use clips and straps.
…have them a bit softer.
…say: I will never support a system that doesn’t involve throwing mallet. I like it. It’s a ritual of chaos and danger that attracts curiosity and lends a twisted whimsy to our game. The act of chucking my mallet into the fray of other rods of aluminum hurling through the air while trying not to hit my friends riding below is a physical and graphic release that cannot be replicated by a clinical paper form. If danger is what you’re afraid of, you shouldn’t be playing bike polo. The mallet toss is a ritual, elementally. And that’s important.
…have team nights on thursday”

you get the picture.

MAX got some stickers made about a month ago…
in new york

and then at sunny South London Polo…

in new york they… from Brendan McNamee on Vimeo.


Polo Armageddon BBQ

As a finale for the World’s first ever [hard-court] bike polo league we’re having a BBQ and team grudge games/challenges on Sunday the 29th. Whether you’re a Poloista or not, come down and party, eat, and cheer on the grudges.

hot BBQ and cold beer will be provided for £5 a plate and £1.50 for iced lager & cider. Food provided by London polo’s own master chef Brian. So no need for BYOB.

We’ll be at the Downham courts (corner of Downham & Ufton roads)

Everything is a fundraiser for the European Championships in August!

– words by Mike (The Zombie)

Also to mark the end of the first London Hardcourt Bike Polo League we are having some photos taken (of teams in the league & a full league photo) and a little awards/pat on the back ceremony at the Scolt Head. Come along to raise glass to the league winners!

The mighty return of Brick Lane!

The council have finally fixed all the gaps at Brick Lane Polo court.

Last week saw the return of brick lane.

Here’s to a summer of Sunday polo.

brick lane panels


This is a quick hello from me to say im also gonna be updating this blog with more poloness.