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Invite to Seattle & photos from last Sunday

This message popped up from Seattle:
Hello from across the pond!Hope polo action is keeping you warm during the chili months of winter. Just wanted to drop Seattle’s name in the bucket of international contacts. We are having the 2nd annual Tour ‘de Polo July 19th and 20th. We would love nothing more than to get some world competition going. We have plenty of friendly places to stay.
Dirt Nap

Photos from games on Brick Lane from myself and Robb.


Bike polo at the movies?

While there are no shortage of bike polo videos on YouTube and Vimeo, I haven’t come across anything which documents the ‘sport’ in any proper way. There are a couple of news reports out there which have given a bit more info than the person standing at the side of the court with a camera phone approach, but perhaps its time for a ‘proper’ film about bike polo?

Goodbye 2007….

We played our last games of the year last Sunday, it was without a doubt a good year for bike polo in London. Let’s hope 2008 is just as great!

Bike polo on Flickr

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