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26 July – Grass Polo Tournament – West London

Vintage polo bikes rescued!

I’ve always wondered what was going on with the ancient polo bikes which were rotting away at Herne Hill Velodrome. They had been used for grass games in the past but recently we have heard nothing of them. So it was great to here that Rollapaluza CC has recently purchaed the 11 reminaing bikes and now plans to totally overhaul them so they can be used once again!

Apparently they need quite a lot of work on them so any donations of time and spare parts (26″ wheels!) would be much appreciated. The aim is to get them fixed up and suitably stored at Herne Hill so we can eventually play some grass games.

A few more details on London FGSS and photos from Flickr.

Sticky: Register before 10/07 for Shoreditch polo tournament

August 17th: as part of the Shoreditch Festival we will be hosting a day of bike polo compteition. Register your team now by emailing (deadline 10th July, and its free!) for your chance to compete and win prizes from our many wonderfull sponsors as well as a free saddle for each rider from Brooks! Read the full details below…

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Shoreditch Polo Invitational Rules

The updated rules are here.

Polo poses

From Trackosauras: The picture Solo VĂ©lo Polo is from Corinne Stoll, the rider is le lama and the bike is a Gorilla Bicycle.

Polo people need places to stay – can you help?

We have lots of people coming to London from out of town and abroad on the 17th of August for the tournament. We need places for them to stay, if you can sleep 1 or 2 people and their bikes please drop a message as soon as possible.

Bike polo on Flickr

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