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Oh my… Rearing its ugly head 2 on 2 Valentines tourney 2010



Greif Masters 2010 – 1st Bikepolo Tournament Karlsruhe 05-07.02.2010

Holy Crap!!!! Not very long now to see whos gonna top the tourney that’s happening in Karlsruhe in a couple of weeks.

London is showing up in full effect with with no less than 7 teams. For full team lists check it out here and for the main site. Woop!

Lets hope someone from London brings home the trophy.

We have stickers…

Yo… So a few of the poloitians (?) have clubbed together to get some stickers done. Here they are stacked up in the house of Dr Chukker.

Not a massive fan of stickers myself but the London Bike Polo ones are pretty good.

Well done Dr.

It’s been ages…

Sorry for being a bit slack over the last few months but happy 2010!

So whats happened over the last few months:

The BFF in London results as follows – 1. BAD, 2. Netto (manchester), 3. Oxford toffs. Read more here.

The BFF in Paris results as follows – 1. L’Equipe, 2. Apologies (marc, louis david, adam mcr), 3. Toros, 4. Malice. Read more here.

The very first Halloween throwin tourney results as follows – Everyone had an awesome day. 1. Em, Josh and Robin, 2. James Brown, Joni, and Todd. Some really amazing photos from slamm and sol and again read more here. What another amazing day/event… definitely one for the calender!

JOL left London 😦

Biancha left London

Braley left London again.

Tomasito left London

London went to Amsterdam to see Tom and B for a new years throwin tourney. Results: 1. Jono (London), Luis (Paris/London) and Kira (Eindhoven) 2, Emilie, Jamal (Eindhoven) and William.

…mean while in London the same thing was going down. Results: 1. Josh, Ray, Rik (London) 2. Mark (london), Snoops (london) and Tom (cambridge)

Read more here.

phew… and thats about it for the mean while.

With 4 rounds to go in the London league things are hotting up for full catch-ups/write-ups and league table check out the blog!

BFF London Polo Tourney – 27.09.09

Its that time of year again where the BFF will be in town, and along with this its annual Polo tourney…

Check here to register and for more info

First Fixtures of the Londons League 09/10

Yesterday Gabes and Mark posted the fixtures on the The London Bike Polo League website and started the fixtures/results thread on the  LFGSS forum. We did this last season, it was a way of finding out the fixtures, organising when teams can meet to play and most importantly trying to psych out the other team (shit taking/sledging).

Interesting about the league…

Players and teams– this is taken from the league website:

This season has 5 more teams than last, but surprisingly only three teams that played in the last season are back with their original line up (BAD, Los Coños, and BRBPC). Instead, most teams have chosen to reshuffle and have a go with new members (although it wasn’t always a choice). What is more, almost half of all players in this season’s league are westies rookies.

My tip for teams to look out for this season would be in no particular order:

Zombie United, Rotten Apples, Malice In pololand (not sure about the name Matt), Cosmic³, SLAP, Three beards, one cup and Whats our name again (my team;))

I am, and I think I can speak for those who are in the League. Am really excited about this season and can’t wait for play to start…

321 polo!!!!!

11.09.09 – Stolen Trophy

From Todd of Cosmic:

At the Northgate pub on Southgate Rd, an empty place on the top shelf remains where one of polos greatest polo prizes used to perch.

Who could’ve done such a thing?

Rumors are circulating within the London polo community and it seems another player is responsible!!!!

This could break friendships and divide communities.

If the trophy is not returned within 20 days, a reward will be issued for the wheels and mallet of the person responsible.

Cosmic have set about creating a curse which will cause great damage.
Do not make eye contact with the trophy.

The gods are not happy.

The thief has put a price tag on ebay

Either way i hope the trophy and the team are reunited.