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Euros are round the corner!

Just over a week to go!!!!



London Play off results

Better late than never…

1. Malice – 7 wins GD=16
2. Cosmic – 6 wins GD=19
3. Zombie U. – 6 wins GD=16
4. Rotten – 6 wins GD = 14

Playoff for 5th went to Freaky Sexx – 5 wins GD = 1
6. Sitting Ducks – 4 wins GD=-1
7. JiHaD – 2 wins GD = -2
8. Team Cinzano – 1 win GD = -26
9. Polo Seagal – 0 win GD = -36

I’m so pleased with Saturday! Beautiful day, beautiful polo. I really want to point out that the games were really clean and really exciting to watch. The skill level in the top performing teams is really tight, the placings could most likely have gone any order on any given day.
Lebowski, Em, Hassan and anybody else who sorted the games and ref’s when I couldn’t, Thank you so much! You guys really helped keep things rolling. Brian, thank you for being a great teammate and a really big thanks for manning the grill even though you weren’t supposed to. Sometimes, I seem to think I can do everything at once…

James -Growup. Wow. This man is my MVP of the day! He deserves a great big thank you from everybody who participated, and a pint or two at least. He stepped up above and beyond to help make the day as good as it possibly could be.
all words by Mike Tramp

slamm photo
photo by slamm

Massive congratulations to Malice International, Cosmic3, Zombie United and Rotten Apples!

Big day for London bike polo and the EUROs 09

Today sees who is though from London to the European Harcourt Bike Polo Championships 09. Currently there are 3 places available, but there maybe more for London if slots are not filled from the rest of Europe.

ok so teams entered today:
1. Zombie United – Mike[trampsparadise] ; le car ; Dr.Sludge
2. Rotten Apples – Rik ; gabes ; Plagiarist ;
3. Freaky Sexx- alockett ; pique ; Lebowski ;
4. Turkey Shoot – Buffalo Bill ; Turd Ferguson ; Vojtech
5. The James Brown Malevolence – playswellwithotters ; vidal ; Mr Brown ;
6. BRBPC – roxy ; baddesigner ; Dan(J-D-S-H)
7. Cosmicᵌ – Todd ; MAT ; tomasito ;
8. JiHaD – JOL ; hassanr ; brain-flick
9. another team – Lebowski ; horatio ;
10. Los Coños – Hops ; Shippey ; Ali ;
11. Polo Seagal – moog ;
12. Team Cinzano – GrowUp ;
13. riders of naam – Hops ;

…and its on right now! Till late.

stay tuned for final results.


EHBPC 2009 registration open

Registration is open and teams have started signing up for Europe’s hottest bike polo tournament this summer 09.

To register go to and to keep fully updated with the championships news!