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Hey for our special friend Max whos travelling in India, here’s a post just for him to catch up on tourney results:

Oxford Thingy – 09.05.09
1. SEX E – Dave (BAD), Sarah (Los conos), Andy-Lewosky
2. Cosmic Turd – Tomasito, Todd and Matt
3. Rotten Apples – Gabes, Em and Rik
words from guys guys guys (Andy formerly of mallertov cocktail)
“Awesome day. Without a doubt the best tournament I’ve ever been to, but I may be biased 😉 Cheers to all the Oxford guys for putting on a fantastic day. And it was great to meet all the Oxford, Cambridge and Manchester crews.

Props to Los Conos for reaching the quater finals and playing some awesome polo. And Rotten Apples and Cosmic were both wicked and should make the Euro qualifiers interesting.

Thanks also to my team mates. Sarah was an absolute rock in goal and allowed Dave and I to do our thing. And Dave is the best team mate you could hope to have. He both forces you, and helps you to play better, at the same time. Weird!”

pic of score board:
pic by Sarah of Los Conos

Rouen – 12.04.09
1 er Seattle Super Stars
2 ème BAD Polo
3 èmeFabulous French Fuckers
4 ème Dans Ta Gueule, Puceau.

words from Yorgo
“epic tourney. flawless organisation I must say, and great spirit from the London massive. Soon people will PAY us to come and enliven their polo events. The cheering in the BAD matches was great, the JiHaD vs Puceau match was monumental (or was it against another team? anyway Hassan was on fire), Bill & the ladies played about 7 games, fighting hard and winning most, Aidan showed the yanks how it’s done, etc etc. Expect better reports from others as soon as they get past their hangover tmrw. Zombie Fail though. But Rollapaluza win! Super chuffed with the bike – thanks Winston & Caspar!!”
words from Mike Zombie
“Fuck! What happened to Sideshow?”
and words from Hoser Brian
“-The 4 am full moon reflecting off the lake in the french country side biking into Rouen.
-Hassan smashing out of goal to own the entire french team and score a beauty. BEST. GOAL. EVER.
-The old french couple who made us pizza. Can they come over and do our next fundraiser?
-Malletov vs. FFF…the best game of polo i’ve ever seen.
-Things in general.
-Losing to the Americans…so much fun to smash around and feel the London crowd cheer us on.
-Seeing Bianca more happy than I’ve ever seen her, and seeing Tomasito dive off his bike to score a goal. Holy Commitment Batman!!!
-Seeing Adain smile for a change.
-Red Wine, Cheese and Baguettes on the beach in Dieppe.
-The English Channel looking like a sheet of glass.”

pic of score board:
pic by dunno

Manchester – 19.04.09
1st Seattle
2nd Malice
3rd Aidan, Jason & Dave
words from Nes
“just wanted to say thanks to everyone for coming and to everyone who helped make it totally fucking awesome…you all rule…it is my favourite day of all the festivals and one of my favourite days ever…i do however have sunstroke and feel sick…ah well x x x”
words from Dr Matt.
“Final game. Seattle v. Malice. 5-3. We had them up 2-1. They were relentless with a really tight close game in our goal. They played with three on offense a lot. Wish we could have broken out and popped a couple in that open goal.

Props to Seattle.m”

pic of score board:

Throw-up Tourney London – 25.04.09
Blame Mike for these long winded results:
“Making it through to the 2nd round was
Team 2: Bill, Nano and Zoe
Team Jo

A tie between Zombie Army and Boring meant a playoff for the wildcard spot which went to Boring. 3-5

2nd round games:
Skidmarx vs BNZ – 3-5
Team Jo vs Boring – 2-5

Winners bracket:
BNZ vs Boring – 2-5

Skidmarx vs Team Jo – 1-5
Team Jo vs BNZ – 5-0

Boring vs Team Jo – 4-5
Due to double elimination bracket, Boring had to lose twice…
Boring vs Team Jo – 5-4
Team Jo loses in 2nd round making Boring the winners.

YAY Boring! :)”

but on a good note no score board or match description needed.

words from Jonny formerly of Mallets of Hazzard
“cheers all for a great day of polo in the sun. nice one em, mike, bill and anyone else involved with organising, disorganising and organising. grats to the lovely seattle crew for bringing their style to the fray. big thanks to joel and anna for team JaJa. so cool that we managed to pull a win, against a side with the most drunken canadian ever, but it still counts.

quotes of the day. Pique “don’t mistake my arrogance for confidence” and Shins “nothing”

wish i could have hung round for the apres polo but a prior appointment with the G beckoned.

more throw-in tourneys I say.”

hope you’re happy MAX.


Paris CPCV09 Tourney – 03.05.09

Results from last weekend:
1st : FGF (Marc, Laurent, Yorgo) Paris/London
2nd: DTGP (Hugo, Pierre, Guthrie) Paris
3rd: La Schmoove (John, James, Matt) London

words from John of la schmoove:
“What an amazing weekend!

Met Mr Brown at Victoria coach station late on Friday night. Took the redeye which got us into Paris at 7am. Put the bikes back together and headed into the city. Thank god JB had his GPS with him because the combination of no sleep and a new city would have been interesting.
Found Agata’s place and proceeded swiftly to the nearest coffee and croissant establishment for polo fuel.
11am and get a text from Golden Wheeel to say his train has pulled in. Once Mat has joined us and we feel slightly human again we roll down to the court via Cyclops where we are met by the sight of an alley cat check point and bump into Mark (FFF).
The court at Palais de Tokyo is great. Views of the river and the Eiffel Tower, nice size, square. fast.
The surface is very slippery as JB finds out again and again and again.
A good afternoon of sun soaked throw ins and we are done, grab some food and hit the hay.

The tournament starts at the sociable hour of 11am. There’s a great turn out of teams, 16 in total.
La Schmoove start well, for three guys who haven’t played together before we hold our shape well and show good organisation. Three comfortable wins (5-0, 5-1, 5-1) see us through to the first of our semi finals against The Fabulous Greek Fuckers. It was a hard fought game with some truly fabulous goals. Yorgo was on fire! (i think its the Parisian air) The crowd were cheering for the home team and we had a couple of goals disallowed. (the ref was swayed by the home support for sure (smiley face)2 – 5 but we all know it was really 4 – 5.

We drop down into the losers bracket for our second Semi final against DTGP. Again, hard fought but these guys are good. 1 – 5.
So, we lose against to the two teams that are in the final, we can all live with that and be happy that we fought hard and gave 100%.

Thankyou to everyone who helped make the tourney run smoothly. Agata for putting us up. Paris for your hospitality and a superb weekend of polo.

My writing skills cant really do it all justice.

I ache all over (smiley face)”

Heres a little film too:

BIKE POLO TOURNAMENT – CPCV09 from Androsky Knauer on Vimeo.

EHBPC 2009 registration open

Registration is open and teams have started signing up for Europe’s hottest bike polo tournament this summer 09.

To register go to and to keep fully updated with the championships news!


The Polo Worlds! WHBPC

Registration for the Hardcourt Bicycle Polo World Championships is now officially open. Please go to to register. The Fed website is a joint effort of Chris Dilts and Ben Schultz (M.I.A.) in Chicago; I accept neither credit nor blame for the bulk of its content. Thanks, both of you.
I have competing nightmares, one where nobody shows up, one where 113 teams register – please put my mind at ease by registering as early as possible, so I have a reasonable headcount to make arrangements for. I have presently reserved/plan to build four hockey rinks which I think should accommodate sixty teams (Chicago had two courts for 35 teams, and I only died of boredom/anticipation twice during the whole weekend). If my numbers exceed 60 I may choose to cap the event, rather than allow it to collapse under its own weight.
The cost per team is $120 until July 1st (less than my initial estimate of sixty dollars per player), $200 thereafter. There should be a feature allowing you to register now, but pay at the tournament: $180. Don’t think I don’t know how expensive that is – I apologize. After almost three months of trying to squeeze money out of what I thought were likely sources, I have embarrassingly little to show for my efforts. If I hear somebody say “in this economy” one more time… Roxy (London) and I are presently in negotiations with a familiar bicycle industry company for a sponsorship which may bring an influx of cash to the Worlds, as well as the EHBPC and North Americans. If we secure significant cash support in the near future, lowering the cost of entry will be my first priority. Please don’t take that as a reason to delay your registration, the Fed account will promptly refund all those already registered if the price is lowered.
There is also a forum at the the Fed website which your registration will grant you access to. Ben (Chicago), Mike (London), myself and a few others will, shortly, post conversations about/suggestions for a unifying rulebook for Hardcourt Polo. We would very much appreciate your input and opinions on the rules for tournament play. The ultimate goal will be a set of rules that everyone can agree to prior to the Worlds in September, hopefully with trial runs at EHBPC and NAs.
Thanks so much, everybody, I can’t wait to play all of you in Philly.

words by the world fed


The End?

The London League has come to an end with BAD polo (Aidan, Brendan and Dave) winning!

They had an amazing track record throughout the whole season winning 28 and only loosing 2, and played with the full line-up (i believe) every game.

words about BAD:
Ali (Los Conos)
We managed to hold BAD off for longer than we thought we were going to, however, they ran rings round us and we didn’t stand a chance. I was amazed that they barely even talk to each other but they know where each other are all the time.
Aidan (BAD) BAD vs Zombie
Yesterday was a pretty good day for B.A.D. I felt we played with confidence and purpose…in the same way we did individually on the Wednesday session.
Dave was superstar goalie…he was an impenetrable wall…a wall now with a massively swollen ankle. Dave gets man of the match in my opinion.
Brendan was as assertive as always…the back bone to our team. good work Skoota! you’re a leg-end!
The forth member of our team was great…hops you’re an integral part of B.A.D…keep on shouting! x

… Of course there is also second place which went to the kinda underdogs of the league having never played together before and changing their original line-up. Malice Nternational (Iain, Matt, Nick (left half due to moving location) and todd (voted leagues most improved player by the league)) the battle for points was pretty close with MI finishing 5 points shy of BAD and having their place top on the league a few times during the season.

Slushy bit!
In my opinion the real winners of the league are the people who took part. Players, supporters and refs. (copy and paste from another really boring blog) Through the past few months its led the london polo community to get together and play this great fun sport and yesterday was a great way to end the end of the 08-90 season with grudge matches and the end of season league and team photos.

heres a few snaps from the day:
photo by slamm
photo by slamm
photo by slamm
photo by slamm

again photo by slamm


European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2009 London or EHBPC 09 London

Dear Poloistas,

The EHBPC committee is excited to announce the registration for the firstever European Hard-court Bike Polo Championships!

Registration will open on Saturday, April 25 at 12pm GMT. You will be ableto register at It will cost £60 per team and the fee ispayable upon registering.

When registering you will be given the option to upload an image or logothat represents your team, and space to write anything you would like therest of Europe to know about your team. Please also let us know if youwould like us to accommodate you. If you are coming with girlfriends,boyfriends, cheerleaders, kids or your pet monkey please let us know assoon as possible.

We will be posting all registered teams on the website as confirmationthat your team is registered and so that Europe can see who is coming torepresent their city in the first of many European Championships!

The important details:
The tourney will take place over two days on August 1st & 2nd 2009.We are capping the tourney at 40 teams and registration will be on a firstcome, first serve basis.

In London we are voluntarily capping ourselves at 4 teams. We want to beable to host teams from all across Europe and because of the limited spaceat the tournament we ask that all of the polo communities get coordinatedand limit the registration of each city to four (4) teams (Paris,Karlsruhe, Berlin we mean you!). We’re excited to play teams that we’venever played before as we’re sure you are too. So if your city has morethan 4 fantastic teams please decide within your community which teamsshould represent your city.

We have already heard of cities organising qualifying tournaments to raisefunds for the travel expenses of the winning teams. This is a great ideaand inspiring to hear! Here in London we will have many more people comingto cheer than to play so if your team doesn’t make the cut make sure tostill come and support your city! With so many courts in London there willbe plenty of throw-ins. Whether you’re competing officially or not youwill get some good polo while you’re here.

We will keep you all updated if space for additional teams becomesavailable, however with the popularity of polo in Europe this year, we’re pretty sure registration will fill up fast so get in there quickly!

The weekend:
While the tournament itself will be Saturday and Sunday with events in theevenings there will also be lots to do the Friday and Monday on eitherside and we hope you will join us for that. We will update you at thewebsite as these plans develop.

The excitement in London towards hosting this first ever tournament iselectric and we can’t wait to have you all here. If you have anyquestions, suggestions or the like for us, please feel free to contact

The EHBPC London Committee

words by Vidal

EHBPC london 09

European Bike Polo Championship 2009

I took a 2 month break, maybe I’m back now, heres some info on the proposed European Bike Polo Championship. Click the image to make it bigger and check out to read more…