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Hot off the press

If you like media stuff check out Quebec’s La Presse for anĀ  article (in french) on bike polo and fixed-wheel in London. If you’d rather read in English have a look at Cooler magazine for a look at our very own Trixie Chix. Finally if you’re after some cheesy bike smut, check out Bust magazine.

(Saturday race photos from Selim on Flickr)



Check out Fixed Gear London photos from polo on Sunday…

And Selim’s photos from the race on Friday…

Photos from Eat My Shorts alleycat last Friday

Some shots from Selim

What you (and I) missed at Gloria’s last night…

This is what the FGL people put on for everyone’s pleasure…

Invite to Seattle & photos from last Sunday

This message popped up from Seattle:
Hello from across the pond!Hope polo action is keeping you warm during the chili months of winter. Just wanted to drop Seattle’s name in the bucket of international contacts. We are having the 2nd annual Tour ‘de Polo July 19th and 20th. We would love nothing more than to get some world competition going. We have plenty of friendly places to stay.
Dirt Nap

Photos from games on Brick Lane from myself and Robb.

Tournament a big success!

Yesterday it happened. We had been preparing it for several weeks and luckily the sun was out and so were the crowds. Throughout the afternoon several hundred people stopped by the polo court on Brick Lane to watch, play and help out with the First Annual Bicycle Film Festival Polo Championship.

Twelve teams entered. London, Manchester, Oxford and Kent were all represented and all the teams played some great polo. However at the end of the day it was home favorites The Zombie R.M.Y. who knocked out all the other teams to claim the title of first champions of the tournament which will definitely be happening again. Second place went to the Oakenden Pedallers. Third, <s>I can’t remember</s> The Manchester Dropouts. I’ll find the results and write up all the games later. The top 3 teams one some great prizes from our sponsors – Scream Couriers, Brick Lane Bikes, Smeear, Carhartt (thank you all!).

Preparations on the court had been happening right down to the lats minute with a group of volunteers hanging around the court till 3am the night before plugging gaps in the fence and building a makeshift barrier to separate the crowds from the action. We weren’t sure until we saw on Sunday morning the amount of people who turned up that the whole thing was going to work. But I think everyone can agree it definitely did.

Oxford Cycle Workshop set up shop in one corner of the court. Fixed Gear London ran a tricks competition with some great prizes (they also brought down a giant frame made out of scaffolding). Smeear hats were also on sale. There was free beer from Brick Lane Bikes. The Spokes performed between rounds.

One frame snapped, at least 3 mallets were broken and who knows how many wheels bent out of shape.Photos – badtmy, agata, slamm, me, mjs110, arsen design, astrozzack, Roxy, more soon…

The tournament was part of several days of events which made up the London leg of the Bicycle Film Festival. It kicked off on Wednesday with an art show then there were 2 days of films, an alleycat, loads of parties and ended on Sunday with the polo. You can read more about all he stuff you missed here.

Incidentally NYC were also having some sort of polo competition this weekend, but I haven’t found any info on it yet.