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Rollapaluza all over again

Rollapaluza have re-branded themselves with a new website and more. They are now a cycling club open to all and in their words “less formal than other London clubs”. Everyone is invited to join whether they want to ride socially or competitively. Find out more…

Incidentally I heard about another new cycling club, recently. Cycling Club Hackney is particularly geared towards young people in the borough but everyone is welcome to get involved.


Awareness Test

London fixed riders impose Fatwah on The Observer

Ok, obviously not really, but they might as well have judging by today’s reaction to the article which appeared in the Sunday paper. The users of London FGSS offer their reasoned opinion and Moving Target critiques here. ACF members offer a more subdued response.

In my opinion its all quite funny, I’m already looking forward to the summer and when the Evening Standard catches on.

On the other hand, this is a work of art….

UPDATE: Dave Moulton has a piece on his blog in reaction to the story and coverage of it on the net. I’m never sure about why people are so bothered about fixed/gear/wheel whatever terminology you want. I’d rather just get on with it…


As if you haven’t done enough bike socialising already this week…

Heel Wheel Fasion Show

This is also tomorrow, there was a flyer but I cant find it, so there’s the press release below. Basically Columbia Road E2, in the evening….

Wheels & Heels: The New Season’s Accessories

Columbia Road boutiques to open for one exciting night of high fashion as the East London Flower Market transforms into a catwalk for cycle style as part of London Fashion Week.

On Thursday, 14 February at 6pm, local independent talent and established designers will shine a new light on cycle fashion, with the designs on the catwalk just as at home on the high street as on a bike. Brands on show will include established talent such as Dashing Tweeds and Saville Row’s, Jan Cicmanec, alongside up and coming designers such as Smeear and Archies Gro Bags.

The show, which will feature tricks and bicycle ballet by the likes of Paddy Waters alongside glamorous models on beautiful bikes, choreographed by Robyn Simpson, promises to wow the expected crowd of around 2,000 people including London’s fashion pack.

Emily Fleuriot, Editor of Fashion Monitor says in response to the event:

‘There’s definitely a common misperception that you can’t be stylish and cycle. You can – but it’s a challenge. As one of fashion’s bicycle enthusiasts I welcome all pioneers of functional, style-conscious clothes, which mean I can cycle AND look the part, whether at a hot showbiz party or a business meeting.’

The event is the brain child of Hackney Council and Tower Hamlets Council who aim to achieve a greater uptake of cycling by women by demonstrating how cycling can influence a girl’s wardrobe in a positively un-lycra but completely runway fashion.

For further information about the designers and the event, please contact Amy Fleuriot, Cyclodelic, on 078 8293 9905 or or Louisa Clarke, Hackney Council, on 020 8356 8189 or 

Fixed Gear London T-shirt launch at Gloria’s, Brick Lane

If you like bikes and no gears and tshirts and east london you might like this….

Gloria’s Loves Fixedgearlondon!

14th Feb
@ Gloria’s – 6 Dray Walk, 91-95 Bricklane, London, E1 6QL

This exhibition (the first of it’s kind) features 9 London-based illustrators and photographers. Each have worked with Fixedgearlondon to produce a series of limited edition t-shirt’s which will be sold exclusively through Gloria’s. The t-shirt’s will be limited to 25 pieces per design. You can view all of the different t-shirt’s on the launch night, but you will only be able to buy one design per week depending on who the featured artist is on that particular week.

On the launch night 3 photographers will be showcasing a selection featuring Fixedgearlondon’s activity over the previous 6 month’s.

Also on show will be a selection of the types of bikes that Fixedgearlondon have been building and riding (including a new bike from Charge).

On the day of the launch 2 of the illustrators,(Word To Mother & Jacob) will be drawing live on the store front of Gloria’s.

Refreshments will be available, arrive early to avoid dissapointment!

Hope to see you there,
Andy & Odge

Gloria’s Tel: 020 77706222

While you are at it, check out this clip from French TV shot in London a couple of months ago featuring some of the FGL people and more…

Help a guy out…

A link to something posted on MT. Ryan is in a nasty financial/life spot after a run in with a Mercedes, read the details here. I’ve only run into Ryan maybe once or twice and wouldn’t say I know him but he always came across as cool. I’d like to think that if I was in a similar position to him people would help me out as everyone gets into tight spots sometimes so I’ll be grabbing a t-shirt when I get a chance…