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LHBP League team photos

To mark the end of the league we got a polo playing photographer James Purssell to do some team shots*, here they are…

(*some teams are MIA)



Malice Nternational

Malice Nternational

Malletov Cocktail

Mallatov Cocktail

Black Rebel Polo Club

Black Rebel Polo Club

No Sympathy

No Sympathy



Sitting Ducks

Sitting Ducks

The Zombie

The Zombie

James’s flickr set & website:

Some of the NE Crew 2

London tapping out!!!

In London they… have a ‘tap out’

Which is a night where there are throwin games and a ‘XXX vs the universe’

Rules of ‘vs the universe’

Teams – The person who leaves vs everyone (universe)
The person who is leaving has a mallet, opponents don’t.
If you foot down and you are the person who is leaving you tap out at the centre, if you are one of the ‘universe’ you are now out of the game and have to leave the court.
Scoring if you are leaving, normal polo rules apply (no shuffling) if you are one of the universe you can score using your bike.
The first to 1 is the winner.


History… Originally coined due to Malice Nternationals Nick ‘tap out’ – who never used to tap out. He left for Canada in the winter of 08.

So previous tap outs and games of ‘vs the universe’
Nick… he got his very own engraved polo spocket as a goodbye pressie too
I believe we won 0-1

Andy… 1-0 to Andy (he didnt leave unfortunately just a birthday tap out)

Alocketts TAP OUT from RC on Vimeo.

MAX…and Agata 1-0 to M&A
No photos exist of this day

Braley…literally last weekend at the BBQ Armageddon 0-1

currently sitting at a draw…

Carlos is leaving soon… tap out night on Saturday.


West Londons BDWaynes new dremeled polo mallet… weak but, if youre gonna break something it might as well be pretty.

Early celebrations??

BAD polos Skoota and DT having a moment of celebration after their win against JiHaD (JOL, Hassan, (sub) Tomasito)

scores sat at 5-3, 5-3, 5-2 to BAD

No, seriously, great games to watch, first game JiHaT got 3-0 up on bad, think bad thought it wasn’t gonna be that tough, then they stepped up their game. Some sweet passing by both teams. There was one patch in the 3rd game where the ball was being stolen off each team repeatedly for what felt like 5 minutes, very good level of play today. Brendan also had a great series of “shoot, pause, fall off” moments, well funny…

words by Gabes

BAD boys

Brick lane got saucy this week..

Forget bike polo….

… lets play tall bike basketball!!

Images from Roxy’s Flickr. Tall bikes from Max.

Telegraph article on bike polo

Mainly on grass games but we get a mention… Bicycle polo: a steel steed? Let’s give it a whack. Or read it after the break…. Continue reading ‘Telegraph article on bike polo’