How did I forget this… Polo Manual

From Brendan, Blunt Films:

Played at the 2009 Bicycle Film Festival in many cities around the world. This is my small and very quick love letter to the london polo community. An instruction booklet of sorts, encompassing the things you need for bike polo. In reality all you need are: bike.mallet.ball.5friends.

To view Polo Manual Click here


1 Response to “How did I forget this… Polo Manual”

  1. 1 Dave Taylor June 9, 2010 at 7:30 am

    The bike version may be thriving but last weekend saw the altogether more expensive horse version at Chester racecourse. The millionaire jetsetters and wags are on their way to Chester racecourse on the 4th and 5th June for The Coutts International Polo Weekend.

    The polo tournament offers a top prize of £10,000 and will bring teams into Chester from as far as New Zealand, India and Argentina.

    This is one of the top polo tournaments of the year and is expected to draw big crowds of onlookers.

    The boss of Chester racecourse is Richard Thomas who plays for a polo team himself and is very much looking forward to the event.

    In 2009 some five thousand went to the racecourse to watch the event and if the weather is good numbers could be even higher this year.

    Coutts, bankers to the aristocracy are delighted to be sponsoring such a prestigious tournament as polo in Chester.

    Chester is the ideal place as it was in February 1539, in the reign of Henry the 8th when the first race took place there.

    The Coutts International Polo Weekend is now into its sixth year and tickets start from general admission £5 with children under sixteen free.

    The site of the event is on the famous Roodee which lies close to the banks of the River Dee. Now a famous racecourse, this site was originally a harbour during the Roman garrison during the Dark Ages, but was shut as the river became silted up and boats could no longer navigate this stretch of river.

    Near the east walled side of the Roodee there is a small sandstone landmark called a “rood” and this is where the Roodee get sits name.Roodee means The Island of the Cross.
    There are two stories about the Roodee. The first says the Rood is where the statue of the Virgin Mary is buried, sentenced to hang after causing the death of the wife of the Governor of Hawarden.
    The legend states she had gone to church to pray for rainfall but when her prayers were answered by a tremendous storm the statue was loosened and fell, killing her. As a holy item, hanging or burning the statue would be sacrilege so the statue was left by the river and the tide took it down to Chester.
    In another version of the story, the statue was taken to St John’s church nearby and tossed as a relic of popery, used as a whipping post for scholars and burned.

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