The End?

The London League has come to an end with BAD polo (Aidan, Brendan and Dave) winning!

They had an amazing track record throughout the whole season winning 28 and only loosing 2, and played with the full line-up (i believe) every game.

words about BAD:
Ali (Los Conos)
We managed to hold BAD off for longer than we thought we were going to, however, they ran rings round us and we didn’t stand a chance. I was amazed that they barely even talk to each other but they know where each other are all the time.
Aidan (BAD) BAD vs Zombie
Yesterday was a pretty good day for B.A.D. I felt we played with confidence and purpose…in the same way we did individually on the Wednesday session.
Dave was superstar goalie…he was an impenetrable wall…a wall now with a massively swollen ankle. Dave gets man of the match in my opinion.
Brendan was as assertive as always…the back bone to our team. good work Skoota! you’re a leg-end!
The forth member of our team was great…hops you’re an integral part of B.A.D…keep on shouting! x

… Of course there is also second place which went to the kinda underdogs of the league having never played together before and changing their original line-up. Malice Nternational (Iain, Matt, Nick (left half due to moving location) and todd (voted leagues most improved player by the league)) the battle for points was pretty close with MI finishing 5 points shy of BAD and having their place top on the league a few times during the season.

Slushy bit!
In my opinion the real winners of the league are the people who took part. Players, supporters and refs. (copy and paste from another really boring blog) Through the past few months its led the london polo community to get together and play this great fun sport and yesterday was a great way to end the end of the 08-90 season with grudge matches and the end of season league and team photos.

heres a few snaps from the day:
photo by slamm
photo by slamm
photo by slamm
photo by slamm

again photo by slamm



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