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Winter polo gets a little bit warmer

Until we find somewhere indoors to play this is as good as its going to get in winter.

Thanks to the barbecue crew who brought down supplies on Sunday to feed the masses. I think they made some cash from donations to fund doing it again next week which is great news. As the afternoon drew to a close people gathered round the grill and toasted marshmallow. Awww how sweet. After’s the success of last weeks games, polo was again interrupted for a few rounds of PISUMO. As usual – great photos from Robb.



PISUMO and last Sunday’s polo

Last Sunday’s polo was wonderful, despite the onslaught of cold winter there was a great turnout – see it in Robb’s photos.

Yorgo just came back from Tokyo and brought this with him…

The basic idea is that – Pista + Sumo = PISUMO:
– you create a big circle of riders holding their bikes (6-7 meters wide)
– then 2 riders at each time get into the circle
– 3 laps in one direction, then START!
– from then it’s like footdown (whoever touches the ground first loses), but with only 2 people.
– you make sumo noises
– If you exit the circle you’re out

See Robb’s photos again for an idea of what it looks like on Brick Lane or watch this…

Anyway see on Sunday and I hear there is going to be a barbecue so bring food to grill!

They’re doing it in Pakistan…

This is from one of Michael Palin’s ponce around the world TV shows, playing in sand looks interesting. Check out the spoke cards though.

London bike polo in The Guardian

London bike polo in the guardian
(click for large version)

London bike polo was in the national paper – The Guardian today, full story after the jump…
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Oh! Spooky Halloween alleycat

Friday night around 36 people started at the John Snow for the annual Halloween race, I have no idea how many finished. 11 went through the 4th checkpoint…. And I’ve yet to see a list of winners. Here’s the checkpoint list as I did it:

Start: John Snow
1. Trinity Square, Tower hill – take a note from the skull on the fence
2. Creek St. SE1 – shot of something like Sambuca
3. Somewhere behind Whitechapel Tube – address of next checkpoint written on a wall. Don’t think many people actually found this. I didn’t and I was 8th to checkpoint 4.
4. Bunhill Row, EC1 – told to find a pumpkin to take to the finish.
5. Lincoln’s Inn Fields – Fish around for the address of next checkpoint in a fountain bowl full of stinky liquid and beans.
6. Angel Ct., SW1 – Eat a jelly bean and pull a trick apparently.
7. Rotten Row, Knightsbridge – take photo of the street sign as it was an unmanned checkpoint.
8. Vernon Sq, Kings Cross – Reassemble the skeleton.
9. Myddleton Sq. EC1 – Wasn’t happening when we got there because of police action, but apparently you had to chase a man in a dress around the church and give him a kiss?
10. Finish: Intrepid Fox, Centrepoint.

It was good fun – thanks to everyone who organised it! Photos from Selim. And a report from Josh. See you at polo tomorrow!

Update: The full results were:

1. Josh
2. Wagner (first time racing)
3. James (gay/san francisco)
4. John (dublin)
5. Rob (dublin)
6. Julia
7. Ryan
8. Bongo
9. Kuba
10. Max

I came in with Max 😉

Help save NYC bike polo!

Apparently there’s proposals to get rid of the concrete court people play polo on in NYC, they are asking people to sign a petition against the planned conversion of the space into pa dog toilet as they say its the best place to play polo in the area.