Oh! Spooky Halloween alleycat

Friday night around 36 people started at the John Snow for the annual Halloween race, I have no idea how many finished. 11 went through the 4th checkpoint…. And I’ve yet to see a list of winners. Here’s the checkpoint list as I did it:

Start: John Snow
1. Trinity Square, Tower hill – take a note from the skull on the fence
2. Creek St. SE1 – shot of something like Sambuca
3. Somewhere behind Whitechapel Tube – address of next checkpoint written on a wall. Don’t think many people actually found this. I didn’t and I was 8th to checkpoint 4.
4. Bunhill Row, EC1 – told to find a pumpkin to take to the finish.
5. Lincoln’s Inn Fields – Fish around for the address of next checkpoint in a fountain bowl full of stinky liquid and beans.
6. Angel Ct., SW1 – Eat a jelly bean and pull a trick apparently.
7. Rotten Row, Knightsbridge – take photo of the street sign as it was an unmanned checkpoint.
8. Vernon Sq, Kings Cross – Reassemble the skeleton.
9. Myddleton Sq. EC1 – Wasn’t happening when we got there because of police action, but apparently you had to chase a man in a dress around the church and give him a kiss?
10. Finish: Intrepid Fox, Centrepoint.

It was good fun – thanks to everyone who organised it! Photos from Selim. And a report from Josh. See you at polo tomorrow!

Update: The full results were:

1. Josh
2. Wagner (first time racing)
3. James (gay/san francisco)
4. John (dublin)
5. Rob (dublin)
6. Julia
7. Ryan
8. Bongo
9. Kuba
10. Max

I came in with Max 😉


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