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Where’s the polo?

I haven’t had much to say about it recently, but thats because I have been lazy and haven’t really been down. I’ve heard though that despite the not so summery weather its still going strong and lots of people still go down on Sunday. Wednesday sessions seem to have died off for now. But if you are female check out Tuesday night Trixie Chicks who often find time for an all girl polo game or two.

Bike polo meet in Oxford

This Sunday 2nd of December the Oxford polo crew are hosting a bit of a get together-tournament thing and you are invited.Details are really sparse right now, but Londoners can jump on the Oxford Tube coach and get up there pretty cheap and quick. Check back for latest info on times and venue.

Nasty polo weather & reports from Rapha’s roller race

The windy, rainy, freezing, damp and generally nasty weather was too much for me today, and I only passed by the polo court. I guess around 20 very brave people were down there playing though – looked like you were having fun and just managing to stay warm. Haven’t seen any photos and don’t think the BBQ made it this week!

I also managed to miss the Rapha Roller Race on Old Street on Saturday night by turning up fashionably late only to find out everyone was going home at around 12:30AM. From chatting to people afterwards it seems like it was great fun but as I wasn’t there I’m unable to pass judgement (bitch) about the music. Well done to everyone who took part and especially the winners! Male couriers managed to make up for losing last time back in February by battling off the competition while the Fireflies got revenge on the female couriers and won this time round.

Check out Moving Target for full results and check out the comments for photos and video links. Rollapaluza’s site has a full report. Check out their flickr photo pool for lots of photos and add yours if you have any!

Winter polo gets a little bit warmer

Until we find somewhere indoors to play this is as good as its going to get in winter.

Thanks to the barbecue crew who brought down supplies on Sunday to feed the masses. I think they made some cash from donations to fund doing it again next week which is great news. As the afternoon drew to a close people gathered round the grill and toasted marshmallow. Awww how sweet. After’s the success of last weeks games, polo was again interrupted for a few rounds of PISUMO. As usual – great photos from Robb.

PISUMO and last Sunday’s polo

Last Sunday’s polo was wonderful, despite the onslaught of cold winter there was a great turnout – see it in Robb’s photos.

Yorgo just came back from Tokyo and brought this with him…

The basic idea is that – Pista + Sumo = PISUMO:
– you create a big circle of riders holding their bikes (6-7 meters wide)
– then 2 riders at each time get into the circle
– 3 laps in one direction, then START!
– from then it’s like footdown (whoever touches the ground first loses), but with only 2 people.
– you make sumo noises
– If you exit the circle you’re out

See Robb’s photos again for an idea of what it looks like on Brick Lane or watch this…

Anyway see on Sunday and I hear there is going to be a barbecue so bring food to grill!

NYC polo tournament weekend

Last weekend. While we were gearing up for our London tournament they already had it going on in Manhattan. Last Saturday saw the first day of their polo themed weekend of events. Check here for a report on day 1 of the Los Marcos Polo Weekend. I’m yet to find anything covering the whole weekend, but there’s a bit on their myspace. Oh and flickr has some for you.


World Hard Court Bike Polo Championships – Toronto June 2008

This is the info out there so far, who’s going?

Since CMWC 2003 in Seattle the messenger version of bike polo has been taking over the world. There are bragging rights from the east side, west side, north side and south side. Now it’s time to find which side will be World Champions.

CMWC XVI presents a complete World Championship Bike Polo Tournament. The winners will be declared the 2008 World Hard Court Bike Polo Champions.

The 6 tennis courts at Hanlan’s Point on the Toronto islands will be transformed in to 2 large fenced-in bike polo courts side by side that are surrounded by the main race course. We expect polo to be a popular event with spectators so there will be bleachers around the polo courts. Qualifying games will take place all day Saturday at the same time as qualifying for the main race. Polo players will be assigned earlier race qualifying time windows so that they may complete their race before their bike polo games.

The tournament will require extra organization which means that Teams will have to pre-register to enter the polo tournament. The complete details will be announced in a later update and will be prominent on the CMWC 2008 website. (

The polo finals will take place on Sunday after the main race in front of what’s likely to be the largest crowd in hard court bike polo history. Toronto is a hockey crazed city that will appreciate the fast hard court action of “hockey-on-bikes.” We’re going to treat you like the pros you are as the finals will be filmed and include live play by play commentary.

Tournament a big success!

Yesterday it happened. We had been preparing it for several weeks and luckily the sun was out and so were the crowds. Throughout the afternoon several hundred people stopped by the polo court on Brick Lane to watch, play and help out with the First Annual Bicycle Film Festival Polo Championship.

Twelve teams entered. London, Manchester, Oxford and Kent were all represented and all the teams played some great polo. However at the end of the day it was home favorites The Zombie R.M.Y. who knocked out all the other teams to claim the title of first champions of the tournament which will definitely be happening again. Second place went to the Oakenden Pedallers. Third, <s>I can’t remember</s> The Manchester Dropouts. I’ll find the results and write up all the games later. The top 3 teams one some great prizes from our sponsors – Scream Couriers, Brick Lane Bikes, Smeear, Carhartt (thank you all!).

Preparations on the court had been happening right down to the lats minute with a group of volunteers hanging around the court till 3am the night before plugging gaps in the fence and building a makeshift barrier to separate the crowds from the action. We weren’t sure until we saw on Sunday morning the amount of people who turned up that the whole thing was going to work. But I think everyone can agree it definitely did.

Oxford Cycle Workshop set up shop in one corner of the court. Fixed Gear London ran a tricks competition with some great prizes (they also brought down a giant frame made out of scaffolding). Smeear hats were also on sale. There was free beer from Brick Lane Bikes. The Spokes performed between rounds.

One frame snapped, at least 3 mallets were broken and who knows how many wheels bent out of shape.Photos – badtmy, agata, slamm, me, mjs110, arsen design, astrozzack, Roxy, more soon…

The tournament was part of several days of events which made up the London leg of the Bicycle Film Festival. It kicked off on Wednesday with an art show then there were 2 days of films, an alleycat, loads of parties and ended on Sunday with the polo. You can read more about all he stuff you missed here.

Incidentally NYC were also having some sort of polo competition this weekend, but I haven’t found any info on it yet.

Polo Championship – 21st October 2007

Polo flierThe first annual Bicycle Film Festival Polo Championship is coming to London!

On the 21st/10/2007 players from around the country (and abroad) will converge on the court at 11am (corner of Brick Lane & Shacklewell Street E2) for a day of competitive games with lots of prizes to be won.

Full size flier, registration info and lots more after the jump…

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Video evidence

The YouTube videos which are floating around collected into one place…


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