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Early celebrations??

BAD polos Skoota and DT having a moment of celebration after their win against JiHaD (JOL, Hassan, (sub) Tomasito)

scores sat at 5-3, 5-3, 5-2 to BAD

No, seriously, great games to watch, first game JiHaT got 3-0 up on bad, think bad thought it wasn’t gonna be that tough, then they stepped up their game. Some sweet passing by both teams. There was one patch in the 3rd game where the ball was being stolen off each team repeatedly for what felt like 5 minutes, very good level of play today. Brendan also had a great series of “shoot, pause, fall off” moments, well funny…

words by Gabes

BAD boys

Brick lane got saucy this week..

Forget bike polo….

… lets play tall bike basketball!!

Images from Roxy’s Flickr. Tall bikes from Max.

Telegraph article on bike polo

Mainly on grass games but we get a mention… Bicycle polo: a steel steed? Let’s give it a whack. Or read it after the break…. Continue reading ‘Telegraph article on bike polo’

Shoreditch bike polo invitational photos

Lots of these flying around, check out the London Bike Polo Flickr Group for most. Roxy is still figuring out all the final scores, but here’s some snaps of the scoreboards so you can pretty much work it out for yourself:

Then Zombie RMY tooks 4th, Fabulous French Fuckers 3rd, Who’s BAD 2nd and the winners were Bike Polo Munchen.

For more photos than you can imagine check out MJS’s, Roxy’s, Kev’s, Slamm’s and my photostreams and RJS’s site and Mark’s Zoomr, some great ones from Fred. If you find more leave a comment!

Shoreditch Polo Tournament this Sunday!

Click to make big!

As part of the Shoreditch Festival this weekend sees teams from around the UK and beyond takeover a specially built court in East London for a day of bicycle polo games. Because of the large amount of teams entered the tournament will kick off pretty early, and be done by 7pm. After party hosted by The Trixie Chicks. Everyone who has entered to play should have the details they need already, everybody else come down and support! This will be a celebration of the 100th anniversary of bicycle polo at London’s 4th Olympiad in 1908 which everyone seems to be talking about at the moment.

Location is this court in the grounds of school right next to Shoreditch Park.


New short film on Brick Lane Bike Polo

Check this rather nicely shot vid from Matthew Walker on the fantastic Mr. Smeear and Brick Lane Bike Polo shot a few months ago…

Shoreditch Polo Invitational Rules

The updated rules are here.

Polo poses

From Trackosauras: The picture Solo Vélo Polo is from Corinne Stoll, the rider is le lama and the bike is a Gorilla Bicycle.

In new york they..

play pretty good! just got back from the fair town and had a few games, big up to doug and everyone out there!

lots of people playing on freewheels, with rear brakes.. lots of talent, fast games, nicer  court than ours..

oop, whos that?

this is my first post by the way, hello.


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